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Tactile Exhibits
Tactile: Adjective, Meaning: perceptible by touch hear it
Tactile exhibits present portions of an exhibit’s information in a format that is open to touch or manipulation. They can contain any object that can be reproduced in three dimensions… in essence, the whole physical world around us… real or imagined. Frequently, tactile exhibits represent things that are “out of touch” or “out of reach” because they are too big, too small, too delicate, too dangerous, too precious, too far away, or, as with aquariums, part of an alien environment. To view an exhibit, click on an image below.

Brazos Bend State Park
Cape Lookout National Seashore
Castillo de San Marcos Fossils Lake Waccamaw Hot Springs National Park Hammocks Beach State Park
Jefferson Holdings Manassas Battlefield Soldiers Melrose Plantation Historic Site National Building Jefferson Memorial National Building Lincoln Memorial National Building U.S. Capitol
National Building White House
Natural Tunnel State Park
Anemones Old Boston Statehouse Pecos National Historic Park Fossils, Gray Wolf and Moose
Women's Rights Model Johnstown Flood National Park        
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