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Tactile Models
Underglass Exhibits
Museum Exhibits
Tactile Exhibits
By far the most interesting aspect of tactile exhibits is that they serve everyone... not only the blind and low vision but also young children, and tactile/kinesthetic learners young and old alike. For this reason, to make them accessible to the blind and low vision sparks interest, curiosity provokes an exchange of interpretations, ideas and experiences for everyone, regardless of their abilities. In addition, because blind and low vision visitors generally travel with sighted family members or friends, the shared experience stimulates the exchange of ideas. Because they are essentially sculptures, they have an intrinsic quality imparted by their inherent beauty, thus offering an additional bonus to the sighted audience when integrated with the other parts of an exhibit.

Underglass Exhibits

Just as tactile exhibits enable the sense of touch, underglass exhibits enable structures' details to be seen easily. In addition, all exhibits under glass possess great technicality and precision.
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